• Dental, Vision & Hearing Insurance

    The importance of this insurance cannot be understated. Vistion, Hearing and Dental care affects your quality of life. Unforeseen situations can be painful, inconvenient and expensive. Basic Medicare does not cover dental, vision or hearing expenses. Click here to learn more about our policies.

  • Life Insurance

    Preparing a specific policy based on the client’s situation and needs. I am always looking to maximize my clients’ overall coverage, keeping their family & budget in mind first and foremost. After that, duration of coverage is factored in as well. I tell my clients to think long term: what is best for you now & potentially 20 years from now. Permanent Life Insurance gives you options down the road to use the cash buildup for unforeseen expenses or supplement your retirement.

  • Business Succession Planning

    I can provide Key Man insurance and Buy-Sell coverage or help clients utlitize Entity-Purchased Life Insurance for business owners to plan for unforeseen circumstances from a premature death. What happens to a business when the owner or a partner passes away? Was the business valued properly? Who will pick up the pieces? Do the surviving partners want to be working with their former partner’s family members? I can help navigate these difficult waters.

  • Retirement Planning

    The expression, “A penny saved is a penny earned,” comes to mind when thinking about retirement planning. Being able to take a portion of what you make today and saving it with the hope of one day not having to work. I advise clients to separate savings into multiple buckets with long term for retirement being one of those buckets.
    The days of pensions are gone for most working people. Only select companies and organizations offer pensions for employees. The responsibility to secure your future is yours. I can help.

  • College Planning

    Regardless of the age of your children, the time to begin planning is NOW. The sooner you start, the easier, faster and more cost efficient it will be. Proper Financial Planning is needed for this tremendous expense and obligation. Ask yourself this, “Do I want to pay full retail price for my child’s education or is it worth finding ways to reduce our out-of-pocket expenses for my child’s education?”

  • Disability Insurance

    Is your ability to make a living insured? If something happened to you due to an accident or illness and you were no longer able to work, would you be able to pay your bills? How long would it take to deplete your savings paying your mortgage or rent, car payments, utilities, medical bills and other common monthly payments? I can help you plan for potential injury or illness.

  • Long Term Care

    This can be a nightmare for families – what to do about Mom & Dad if they can no longer take care of themselves. The 6 ADL’s (Activities of Daily Living) are: Eating, Bathing, Dressing, Transferring,
    Toileting & Continence. There are a variety of methods to address these problems. Time is not on your side. Policy reviews are available for those who feel they have addressed this issue with Indemnity policies. They might not be there for you when you need them most.

  • Medicare

    Aging into Medicare can happen in many different ways. The most common is on the first day of your birth month when you turn 65. Medicare allows people to apply for Original Medicare 6 months prior to turning 65, allowing people to get setup early for coverage. Medicare Supplements allow people the freedom to choose their own doctors and go to any hospital. Supplements can provide freedom from networks, the need for referrals or being turned away for preexisting conditions. Some Medicare Supplements also have foreign travel benefits should you need care while traveling overseas. Ask me about how I can help you get the care you deserve. Visit our Medicare page for more information.