Mark Walker

Mark Walker


Like many South Floridians, I’m originally from Long Island. I was born in Bellmore and spent my early years playing sports at school. I graduated from Baruch College in 1985 with a BA in Finance and Economics. Through college, I worked full time in New York City. After school, I found myself clerking on Wall Street with Salomon Brothers and eventually made my way to the floor of the New York Stock Exchange! October 19, 1987 (Black Monday) changed my view of the security of making my living in the Stock Market. It was in June of 1988 that I joined the insurance industry with Phoenix Mutual Life. I quickly learned about the business and how I could make a difference in other people’s businesses and lives.

The Nor-Easter Winter of 1993/94 gave me reason to leave the bitter cold behind for the warmth and family-friendly living of South Florida. My wife, Ronni, and I raised three now-grown children in the Coral Springs / Parkland area for the last several decades. I love the water. I enjoy fishing, waterskiing – anything on the beach. I play tennis and ice hockey even though my knees aren’t what they used to be.

I’ve been in the Insurance industry for over 30 years. I have been involved in all aspects from brokerage wholesale to retail – assisting clients with their own personal planning. Insurance planning is like good cooking: it’s all about adding the right ingredients in the perfect amounts for a fantastic outcome. I specialize in Life Insurance Planning for individuals and families as well as complex Business Planning. Each situation requires its own customized solution. I only recommend the best products & companies for my clients needs. We need to be confident that the company is qualified to keep its promises to the Insured & their beneficiaries.

Business Succession planning is equally important for the business entity I also assist my clients in retirement planning allocating assets in ways to help them maximize these assets for a Lifetime. In addition, other areas of concern – disability income (DI) for those dependent on their income to take care of their families, and long term care (LTC) to take care them when they can no longer do it for themselves. Very often overlooked by planners is Medicare or Medigap planning. I specialize in this kind of planning, stressing the need for Freedom of Choice to see any Doctor or visit any hospital when you need to save your in your senior years. I assist my clients to find the right Part D Prescription service to fit their own pharmacy needs. This is planning for a Lifetime coming out with the best solution.


Most Important for Clients to Expect from me:

  • Being honest with them about their ideas when it comes to planning.
  • Recommending policies that best fit the clients’ needs and situations.
  • Being available to service and update plans for years to come.
  • Always being available to discuss long term strategies.
  • Working to implement agreed upon strategies over time.

In this business – I am not given a crystal ball to tell you the future, but I have many ways to make that future bright with your consent & commitment.