Top 10 Reasons

to Choose United American Insurance Company through Lifetime Insurance Solutions for Medicare Supplement Insurance

Any Doctor. Any Hospital.

At Lifetime Insurance Solutions, we believe you should be able to choose your own doctor and hospital.

  • See who you want, go where you want. It’s your choice.
  • No restrictions on doctors or hospitals that accept Medicare
  • United American Insurance Company is of the largest writers of individual Medicare Supplement insurance policies in the United States
  • More than 70 years of service to seniors
  • Guaranteed Renewable as long as premiums are paid on time and there are no material misrepresentations on the application
  • Personal Service

Medicare Planning

Your eligibility for Medicare when you turn 65 needs advanced planning. Medicare allows you to apply for Medicare Part B three months in advance of turning 65. United American allows you to apply for the Medicare Supplement plan up to six months in advance. What works best for you? Medicare Supplements allow people the freedom to choose their own doctors and go to any hospital. Supplements can provide freedom from networks, the need for referrals or being turned away for preexisting conditions. Medicare Supplements also have foreign travel benefits should you need care while traveling overseas. Ask us how to get the care you deserve. Visit for more information.

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